Let’s disappoint hackers

May 26, 2021

Education has become the number-one target for ransomware since students returned to school in fall 2020, according to the FBI and other security agencies. In fact, the global education sector has seen a 20% increase in cyber-attacks as criminals exploit newly implemented virtual learning environments.

Wondering why your school would be an enticing target for attackers? If you’re like most schools, you probably have limited resources and staff to devote to protecting your network and all the different devices that are part of your technology ecosystem. It’s challenging to manage all those devices across multiple campuses and operations, which leaves openings for cyber-attacks.

What’s more, the students and teachers in possession of those remote devices often don’t install the latest security updates.

But suppose you could consolidate security operations across sites and devices with one agent and console that has the flexibility of custom administrative roles and policies. In that case, you could confidently handle your data, student privacy, and your network. You would be able to ensure seamless educational continuity no matter where learning is taking place—in-person or remotely.

Enter SentinelOne’s Singularity™ platform. The Singularity platform delivers endpoint and cloud protection, detection, and response and IoT security capabilities—all from one centralized console. Its resource-efficient, autonomous “Sentinel” agents work on Windows or Mac devices, and support physical, virtual, and hybrid environments.

SentinelOne Singularity is pre-enabled on all best-in-class Lenovo devices as part of our end-to-end security, ThinkShield, which is designed to keep your devices working and students learning. Together, Lenovo and SentinelOne ensure staff and students are protected regardless of where they are learning and working.

How SentinelOne protects your network and devices

SentinelOne’s static and behavioral AI models live on each device, detecting anomalous activity without a cloud connection and enabling devices to self-heal from any attack instantaneously. The behavioral AI fully replaces antivirus software and delivers real-time prevention, detection, response, and hunting against known and never-seen-before malware strains.

The Sentinels are managed via SentinelOne’s globally available, multi-tenant SaaS platform designed for ease-of-use and flexible management. SentinelOne is easy to tailor and set up for the unique needs of your schools.

The SentinelOne platform includes three primary tiers for EPP+EDR (endpoint protection platform + endpoint detection and response) with increasingly intensive protection, detection, and response:

  • Singularity Core, the entry-level endpoint security product for schools that want to replace legacy or next-generation antivirus solutions with an endpoint protection platform that is more effective and easier to manage.
  • Singularity Control adds increased options for device control and management, including Firewall Control and USB & Bluetooth Control.
  • Singularity Complete is made for schools and organizations that need modern endpoint protection and control, plus advanced EDR and threat-hunting features.

The Vigilance Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service subscription can augment your security team by ensuring that every threat is reviewed, acted on, documented, and escalated if needed.

Singularity Control is of particular relevance to schools, with device control capabilities that offer granular device management for USB and Bluetooth on Windows and Mac, providing centralized and customizable policy-based control with hierarchy inheritance.

Firewall Control enables you to control inbound and outbound network traffic for Windows and Mac devices. You can tag mechanisms for streamlined policy assignment and administrative clarity, while touchless location awareness allows you to assign network control based on the system’s physical location.

The rogue device discovery feature identifies the endpoints that are not protected by SentinelOne, and passively and actively sweeps networks to provide enterprise-wide visibility.

SentinelOne and Lenovo: Building your defenses with simplified management and strong endpoint protection

SentinelOne empowers workstations and servers—on-prem and in the cloud—to autonomously defend themselves in real-time. So the next time a cyber-intruder comes knocking, they’ll find a smooth wall of defense that’s protecting your network and devices.

Ensure staff and students have the transformative technology they need for seamless learning experiences, regardless of where they’re learning, with SentinelOne on Lenovo devices.